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Show’7 Fiting (Textil Snow Chain)

2015/02/06|0 Comments

Show’7 is a textil snow chain with a high resistance conform to ONorm V5121. [...]

XP16 Snow Chain fiting

2015/02/08|0 Comments

How to fit a standard snow chain on a van-4x4-Camping car and VUL-Utility car.

LT Trak 4×4 Fiting

2015/02/06|0 Comments

Face mount 30 seconds. Once pre-adjusted, this Trak LT is probably the fastest chain in [...]

ONE Snow Chain Fiting

2015/02/08|0 Comments

One is an innovative concept without ratchet or chain. Installation is more intuitive and more [...]

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  • show'7 is a Textile snow chain, available and sale at Contimex
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